New Wifi Networks!

The Information Systems team has implemented new Wifi technology that is designed to provide optimal security and usability of our campus Wifi network. As a result of this change, our Wifi network names are changing.


All students, faculty and staff should immediately begin using the Wifi network named “Champlain” as their primary Wifi network. This network replaces both the ChampStudent and facstaff networks.

Action Required: You will need to set this network up on any device you have that uses Wifi (laptop, tablet, mobile phone). The old networks will stop working on August 16th. If you need assistance reconfiguring your devices, please contact ChampSupport.

New Networks

Network NameIntended UsersUsageComment
ChamplainStudents, faculty, and staffAll devices This is the primary network for all members of the Champlain community
ChamplainGuestChamplain visitorsAll devicesGuests will have to register using a phone number or email address.
ChamplainPSKStudentsGame consoles and other devices that don’t support username/password authentication for WifiUser must register device at and get password from ChampSupport
eduroamVisitors from institutions that support eduroam (incl Middlebury, St Mikes, and UVM)All devicesVisitors will use the username and password from their home institution.

Wifi network names are case sensitive and do not include any spaces.


Old Networks

The following networks will be disabled on August 16, 2018: