Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive File Stream is a new application that replaces the Google Drive application some of you may have installed on your laptop. It enables you to quickly access your Google Drive files directly from your computer. It is available for Windows and MacOS. Note that the Google Drive web interface ( is not changing. This is only a change to the Google Drive program installed on your Windows or Mac laptop.

The big difference between File Stream and the old Google Drive application is that it no longer syncs your entire Google Drive. Your files are stored in the cloud instead of on your computer, which saves a lot of disk space on your computer. Changes you make to files will be automatically synchronized with the cloud for quick, easy access anywhere.

This also means that if you want to make a file or folder available offline, you’ll have to explicitly make it available. Do this by right clicking on the file or folder and selecting “Available Offline” under the Drive File Stream. Please be mindful to use a secure, Champlain owned system when making sensitive files available offline.

Another difference is that your Google Drive will now appear as a drive instead of as a folder in Windows Explorer or the MacOS Finder. That may make it easier for you to access files using applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite.

Please note that support for the current Google Drive application ends on March 12, 2018. That application will no longer work after that date, so you’ll need to upgrade to File Stream before that date.

For more information contact ChampSupport or check out Google’s Drive Help Center.