Better manage large events in Google Calendar

Google is releasing a couple of new features to help manage large events in Google Calendar, something that’s been a struggle for many Champlain users. The 2 new features are as follows:


  1. Use Google Sheets to more easily see who is attending: With this launch, organizers of large events can now use Calendar on the web to export guest lists to Google Sheets, and can also view the total number of attendees.
  2. Invite large group mailing lists reliably: Previously, invites that included large group mailing lists wouldn’t update if membership in those groups changed. Going forward, if a group mailing list has been invited to a newly-created event, Calendar will automatically invite any new group members who join after the invite was sent and automatically remove members who leave. In addition, for existing, recurring large events, organizers who would like to make the event dynamic can do so via the steps outlined in this Help Center article.

Here’s a sample invite. Note the “Export guest responses to Sheets” link under Participants.

For more information, check out Google’s announcement here: