Checking Lab Computer Availability

Want to know which lab has open computers before you head out into the cold Vermont winter? Check out this site!

Keyserver is a system that enables you to check the availability of lab computers on campus.



On the first page, you can see a list of labs and their overall availability.



If you click on one of the labs in the list, you will see a layout of the lab.

keyserver-lab-availabilityThis view shows the current status of each computer in that lab. A red icon indicates the computer is in use, while a green icon indicates that computers is currently unused. You can also see if the computer is a Mac or a Windows PC. The site also attempts to predict future availability of each machine, but this is only based on past usage, so your mileage may vary.


We currently only have some of the open labs in keyserver, but we’ll be adding more labs regularly.