New Google training options

Google recently announced an exciting new training resource that is available to all Google Apps users,training-for-google-apps including Champlain College. Training for Google Apps is a new interactive in-app learning experience to help users get quickly up and running with Google Apps. Training for Google Apps acts like a virtual coach inside of the Google Apps interface. Users have access to voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic within any of the Google Apps products, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Docs.


To access Training for Google Apps:

  1. While using a Google application (Mail, Calendar, Drive, etc) in your browser, click on the Google Apps Launcher button: grid copy
  2. Click on More
  3. Click on Training for Google Apps training-for-google-apps-logo


If you are using the Chrome browser

If you use Chrome as your browser, you can also install the Training for Google Apps extension from the Google Apps Marketplace (also accessible from the launcher button grid copy ). When you do so, you’ll get context sensitive help relevant to the Google application you’re currently using. For example, if you are using Google Mail, you’ll get a menu of topics related to Google Mail.

Here’s a video that shows you how to install the Training for Google Apps extension in your Chrome browser: