Web Print is now live at Champlain College!

Web Print is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser. No client software, browser plugins, or driver installation is required. In addition Web Print provides a simple way to enable printing for personally owned laptops and wireless devices, without the overhead of installing printer drivers. 

Papercut login


By logging into https://papercut.champlain.edu using your standard Champlain login name and password, any member of Champlain College can submit a print job remotely. Students can upload print jobs directly from their personal laptops. Students, faculty, and staff can upload print jobs from their iPad or mobile phone. 


Web print only works with specific document types.  In general those are PDFs, picture files, and Office documents.  See the table below for specifics.

Webprint File Formats







For a walkthrough of the feature, please find instructions on our supportwiki here:


 Happy Printing!