Google Hangouts Now Supports 25 Users!

Last week Google announced that it was increasing the participant limit for Hangouts video calls from 15 to 25 users for all Google Apps customers!

Here’s the text of Google’s announcement:

Hangouts-LogoGoogle Hangouts video calls make it easy to connect and interact to get things done. With today’s update, to make it easier to connect with more people, we’re raising the participant limit for Hangouts video calls from 15 to 25 for Google Apps customers.

To help ensure a high quality experience on a variety of computers, only the 10 most active video call participants will have their video feeds visible at the bottom of the screen at any given time.

No action is required to make use of this new participant limit. Check out the Google Help Center for more information on Hangouts video calls.

For more information about Google Hangouts, go to You can also find training resources for how to learn about Google Hangouts on the People Center’s Dare U site.