Papercut – Next Generation Printing

Swiping a card on printer in MIC

A student swipes their ID card on a Papercut-enabled printer in MIC.

New Printing System installed at MIC

If you’ve been to the Miller Information Commons this semester, you may have seen people swiping their ID cards on the printers.

Champlain College is rolling out a new print management system called Papercut that makes printing on campus easier and less wasteful.


Papercut offers the following features:

  • Reduced Waste – Multi-function Printers (those that have copy, scan and/or fax capabilities, aka MFPs) have an interface that allows you to be selective about which document you need printed.  If you have multiple print jobs queued up,  you can choose only those that you really need.  This does not apply to single function printers (those that are just printers aka SFPs)Papercut login screen
  • Secure printing –  Print sensitive documents with peace of mind as your job won’t print until you swipe your ID card (SFP & MFP) or enter your Champlain credentials (on enabled MFPs).
  • Find Me Printing – Print to a global queue and walk up to any Papercut enabled printer to collect your print job.
  • Web Print (Coming Soon!) – Upload a file to the Papercut web interface, go to a Papercut-enabled printer, and retrieve your print job.
  • Additional Web Features (Coming Soon!) – See information about how many pages you’ve printed, how your printing affects the environment, and release print jobs from the hold queue to printers that have yet to be Papercut enabled.

Papercut is currently installed on the following printers, though more printers will be added as the year progresses.



  • MIC – All public printers
  • CCM – Public printer on the 1st floor
  • Metz Barn – 1st floor printer



Monitor our Support Wiki printing page for additional information and instructions as we continue to improve this service.