Campus Lab Update


The Metz Studio (aka Perry Barn and shown at right) recently received a technology upgrade as part of Champlain’s annual upgrade cycle. The new Macs are 27″ iMacs with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB drives, and 5K displays.


Each year, usually in the summer, several on campus labs and classrooms are upgraded as part of our annual technology upgrade cycle. Upgrades include new computers and new audio visual systems (though not necessarily for the same room at the same time).

Other labs that will be getting new computers this summer include:

  • Joyce laptop carts
  • Ireland laptop carts
  • Foster 100
  • CCM 001 (formerly Foster 104)

Here’s a list of rooms that will be getting new audio visual equipment:

  • Foster 100
  • Foster 104 (new projector, 2 new LED panels)
  • Hauke 005
  • Ireland 017 (projector only)
  • Ireland 114 (projector only)
  • Ireland 117 (projector only)
Champlain College is also adding lab resources this summer:
  • Foster 104 will become a new teaching lab
  • Foster 200 will become a new open lab with 10 PCs
  • Joyce 101 will be expanded by 4 PCs

If you have questions about this topic, please contact the Champ Support Help Desk.


Phone:  802-860-2710