Google Tips

Here’s a follow up to our recent post about Google Groups.

We’ve created a new Google Group called Google Tips. The Google Tips group is a great way to learn more about the Google Apps environment at Champlain College. Tips will be posted every 1-2 weeks by the IS team, but anyone else at Champlain can post too. If you come across a cool trick with Gmail, or a shortcut with Google Sheets, or any other way to use Google Apps more effectively, share it with your peers!

Because Google Tips is a Google Group, you can get these tips via e-mail, an e-mailed daily digest, an RSS feed, or by just going to the Group’s page and viewing the archives there.

To subscribe to the Google Tips group, point your browser at

You’ll need to log in with your Champlain Google account.

Click “Join Group” in the resulting window…

Google Groups - Join Group


You’ll then see a window such as the one below where you can choose your display name and email delivery preferences.

Google Tips Join Group windows

That’s it. You’re now in the Google Tips group!

As always, feel free to contact Champ Support for assistance on this topic.



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