Introduction to Google Groups

When Champlain College switched to Google, all of our E-mail distribution lists became Google Groups. Google Groups have some great features beyond those of a traditional mailing list, that make it easier to communicate and collaborate with groups of people and for those people in the group to manage those communications better.

For example, members of a Google Group can change their delivery preferences so that instead of receiving an email message for every message sent to the group, they can get a daily digest. (Important Note! Do not change your delivery options for the official Champlain groups such as the faculty and staff mailing lists as important news from the College may be missed or delayed!).

Groups can also be archived so that you can go back and look at prior messages sent to that group. For Groups that you want to check at your leisure, you could set your delivery options to “No Email” and just go to that Group’s web site to view the messages. Note that not all Champlain Groups are currently being archived. 

To access Google Groups…

  1. Click on the Menu Grid in the upper right corner of your browser when you are in Gmail or any other Google Apps window.
  2. Click “More”.
  3. Click on the Groups icon as shown below:

Select Groups

Next you’ll see your Google Groups home screen where you can look at groups that you are in (My Groups) or you can search for other groups.

Google Groups Home - Champlain

To learn how to change your delivery options for a particular Group, check out Champlain’s SupportWiki:

In addition to the official Champlain Groups created and maintained by the IS team, you can request a Google Group for your class or organization. Send a request to Champ Support (info below). We’ll create the group and then give you the ability to manage it yourself.

For more information about Google Groups, check out Google’s Groups documentation page:

If you have questions about this topic, please contact the Champ Support Help Desk.


Phone:  802-860-2710